Welcome to my website.  I’m Scott Meister.  I’m a CPA, certified bookkeeper, QuickBooks trainer, small business consultant, and I tutor students in Accounting classes.  This site serves as a portal site to my other websites where you can learn more about the services I offer.

The QuickBooks Courses link takes you directly to my QuickBooks Courses page. Here you’ll find concise video training courses about QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise).

The QBScott link takes you to my website for QuickBooks and small business consulting.

The Pass Accounting Class link takes you to my website for tutoring students in accounting classes.

The LinkedIn link takes you to my LinkedIn profile.

Here's some more info about me:

I'm a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Bookkeeper, and I'm an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. I’ve used QuickBooks since 2002 and have had the pleasure of working with small businesses ever since. My focus is on efficiency as it relates to learning and implementing QuickBooks as well as creating effective standard operating procedures.  I have a passion for creating and sharing systems that help others learn and use the valuable information.  As a result, I actively create video training courses/tutorials about Accounting and QuickBooks.

Other interests include: Spending time with my wife and our Vizslas (dogs), playing guitar/drums/bass, photography, and creating films/motion graphics.

Software I use includes (and isn't limited to): QuickBooks, Word, Excel, Camtasia, Snagit, Audacity, Gimp, Inkscape, & Google Docs.